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The Yu-Gi-Oh Dressing Room
12th-Mar-2014 09:46 pm - [crickets chirping]
I guess
[Mu takes a step into the lobby of the DR, his heels clacking on the dusty, unclean marble tile of the floor. The clacking is momentarily interrupted by a crack and pop as he steps on a large cockroach. His lip curls in disgust before he raises his foot and wipes the pump to the side, smearing the bug carcass on the floor. It isn't clean anyway, what's a little bug gut smear?

The electricity seems to be off, and the only illumination comes in from the windows. He looks around, staring at the dust flying around in the beams of light

Is anyone even in this place anymore?
6th-Nov-2012 11:42 pm(no subject)
Congratulations! To me!!!
dollsei is tired
[Signers might be alarmed to see or feel something that's giving off the same signal as an Earthbound God appear on the lobby fountain. It does have the same markings and general overall inky blackness of such beings, anyway.

But it's tiny, only about the size of a doll. And it bears a strong resemblance to...Yuusei?

It's also asleep. Maybe now would be a good time to ambush it.]
22nd-Oct-2012 04:44 pm - BRINGING THIS BACK???
Hahhhh letting it slide...
[A new Crow walks in, and he looks nothing like what you'd expect at all- if anything, he looks entirely outlandish compared to the norm.

Despite this, the only reaction he seems to be having is to remain curiously silent and then inspect a tag that seems to have appeared on his shirt.]


[A dry laugh escapes him.]

HAHAHA, yeeeeaaaaaaa, that figures...
5th-Apr-2012 04:12 pm - I had far too much fun with this
stop being twelve!
[Being a sixteen-year-old single father with a dark and traumatic past, a plethora of mildly homicidal cousins and a whole host of family pets… is hard. It generally leaves Brooklime feeling exhausted, incompetent and thoroughly inadequate, and today is no exception. Somehow, the state of his room has deteriorated even further than usual in his absence. Perhaps he should go get himself a book on parenting, or something? After all, he’s not the one who left half the contents of the fridge strewn across the floor.]


[Right now, though, he has other concerns. Namely, whatever the dragon dragged in. At least, Brooklime assumes it was the dragon, as he can’t imagine Temperance catching and mangling mice.

Please let it be a mouse.]

4th-Apr-2012 12:48 pm - HMD: On Time Edition
Oh my gosh it's Wednesday and I'm posting. Hold me.

Here's How's My Driving! Post with summaries of activity and plans for more! Reply! (Step three has been forgotten, but step four is "Profit".)

There's also a new event this week: Family Week. For a week, you and a small group of others believe yourselves to all be ~family~. Move in together, have domestic squabbles, get the kids to do the dishes! Wonder about that family who's moved in across the hall. Their Pokémon keep setting the carpet on fire. It's so rude.

Family time lasts until next Wednesday, and I'll see you the Wednesday after that!
29th-Mar-2012 03:38 pm - oops i just had a terrible idea
[There is something very strange going on at the Day Care in the lobby. Suddenly, Ara doesn't seem to be able to use his arms properly. Or his legs for that matter. He suddenly collapsed in the middle of giving out food to the babies and just seems to have issues with coordinating his arms and legs together to actually get back up, so he's finding himself sitting down on the floor, making odd noises to himself. He looks...confused?

Meanwhile, Stardust the Flygon apparently has a headache. He's groaning.]

[[ooc: yeah I dunno either. Apparently Ara just bodyswapped with his Stardust. Have fun with the resulting chaos, any visitors!]
26th-Mar-2012 12:11 pm(no subject)
[Lethe had gone to sleep in his hammock. He woke up submerged in...strange green liquid.

Naturally, his first reaction is to panic and flail about, his screaming muffled by the fact that the green oozing slime immediately enters his mouth. It's a good thirty seconds of terrified struggling until he actually manages to get his head out of the odd...cocoon like thing he had been apparently residing in. Lethe immediately spits out his mouthful of the strange slime before gasping to catch his breath, shaking when he realizes that he is not in his room at all.

His immediate reaction is to try and get out of the cocoon, which only ends up with it toppling over and spilling its contents all over the floor before Lethe can compose himself enough to squirm out. The next thing to do is to get out of the room. Thankfully, it's not locked, but it doesn't stop him from getting a quick glimpse of himself in the computer's monitor...which doesn't help him at all.

He's not himself at all.

He has to get out of here. But his haste to get out of the room only leaves him more terrified, because Auriga's room is in the DR's basement. The DR's dark and scary basement, where there may or may not be the remains of mad and secret experiments. Or there may be one going on nearby. Who knows.

Either way, this experience is not going to help with recovering what little mental security Lethe's gotten since coming to this place. He'll just be wandering around the DR's basement in Auriga's body, scared and shivering and covered in green slime.]
25th-Mar-2012 11:32 pm - FREEDOM
very crazy
and then he was a dragonCollapse )


[There is now a rapidly-growing, drenched-with-wet Red Daemons Dragon smashing through Apollo's apartment, and then smashing through the wall which separates the Dressing Room from the outside void that is the rest of the dimension. With another possessive roar, it leaps up, flaring its wings and flapping them...with some difficulty, before figuring out the rhythm. Once that happens, its flying overhead, circling the building and the woods around it as if to say "this is mine".

Also there're now giant holes in Apollo's walls from all of this. What do, people.]
23rd-Mar-2012 10:21 am - HMD: Here's Mod Derping
Weirded Out Mods
Let's all pretend it's Wednesday, okay? Okay. It's totally Wednesday. Yes.

Which means it's time for How's My Driving! Lots of activity these past two weeks, so fill us in on what shenanigans ensued! Maybe comment on others' or plan some more. Shenanigans for everyone.

This week's event is an old favorite: Body Swappers! Coordinate in here if you'd like your character to exchange bodies with someone else. (Great things happened when last this occurred.)

Freaky Friday lasts until next, well, Friday. To make up for this being late. -_-;

Have fun, and we'll see you in two weeks!
21st-Mar-2012 10:30 pm - L4D2 anyone
[PuppySky Prometheus is at the shooting range practicing. He's not seen his stupid friends around and only recently returned to the DR so he figures he'll kill some time.]
21st-Mar-2012 06:20 pm(no subject)
Admiring the treasure pile.
[Apus, who very rarely leaves his room, is up on the roof today basking in the warm light of the springtime sun. It is an absolutely wonderful day and all of the snow is essentially gone. He allows his wings to lift and fall with the breeze, happily calm.]
21st-Mar-2012 05:44 pm(no subject)
[Capricornus is out and about. To be honest, he's built up a lot of energy and is looking for a place to release it without injuring anyone... but even his own room isn't a guarantee, so he's headed outside.]
Because obviously the DR needs even moar Yuusei, another one tumbles into the main foyer. He's dressed a little differently to most of the Yuuseis in the DR...oh, and he's also just waking up from unconsciousness. He gets up slowly, and a little awkwardly - and then falls over again. Seems like he's not quite used to his legs...

It appears he has now resigned himself to sitting on the ground, and he's sort of probing his legs with his fingers now. One of his hands is moving a little jerkily too; his left. His face is a little crumpled, as he's trying to remember what happened before he got here...and where was here, anyway? Last he remembered, he was dueling Placido...

"Where am I? Ah...hello?"

He also doesn't appear to have noticed the neatly typed nametag now pinned to his jacket.

"Hello, my name is Hydra"

[ooc: Profile is heavily advised, but tl;dr he didn't pull off Accel Synchro and got his legs and one hand ripped off by Wisel. The Tenors fixed him because HE CAN STILL BE OF USE TO US.]]
19th-Mar-2012 02:07 am(no subject)
[Well. It was fun, lying in wait, preparing everything she would need for her experiments - for her ultimate goal. Of course if she could figure out a way to get back home, that would also certainly help. And take her beloved Yuusei with her...

But, in the meantime. Soldiers, she needed more soldiers. More test subjects. She needed to turn the
criminals and freaks into something Rex Godwin could use. Her future, and the future of her Facility and the wonderful work it provided, depended on results. And being here changed nothing. It just revealed more of the ilk who needed attitude adjustments. Who needed to be cured.

And so, she is walking around, still seen as just an innocent nurse, as they called her. Which was quite the perfect cover for her. There was no need to make people look in her direction whenever anyone disappeared, right?

After all, who'd suspect an innocent
NPC of such dastardly deeds on these unsuspecting fools...?]
18th-Mar-2012 11:18 pm - SNIP
[Hey, everyone, it's the DR's favorite Kiryu, Baklava! And he's sitting in a chair, reading a magazine, inside a shop.

Did we happen to mention its a barber shop he's waiting in? Because it is. Now why would he be in a barber's shop?...]
15th-Mar-2012 07:02 am - And then there were three.
After the first 'Yuuma double' to arrive, anything could be better on the heart, right?

...Perhaps, but then perhaps not.

This one's about three years older than his doubles, and hasn't seemed to catch onto the fact that he's somewhere other than home. If he has, he's just ignoring every sign of it save the sign in front of him.

"Lethe eh?" He stares at the door plaque reading 'Yuuma - Lethe', and snorts. "Is that what he's calling himself now then..?" He seems to not noticed the fact that the tag he had for wherever he was before has shifted to read 'Eunomia' himself.

Ah well. Moving to open the door elicits a scowl and a loud 'thunk', and with a resigned sigh he pulls something out of his coat. "Ohh, locking me out again?" He rolls his eyes. "This is about the violin isn't it. You didn't even know what a violin was when you got here, how did you manage to get so attached..."

He continues to mutter on like this as he pulls out some lock picks to work the door- evidently this is a regular occurrence. Maybe someone will catch him in the act?

Or even before then?

If they don't, a loud click is going to be letting him in the room.

Uh oh.
15th-Mar-2012 05:34 am - Profile reading!
The hell is up with him?
[A new Crow has just tumbled into the DR. He seems hurt but that might be because he rolled, steaming, across the lobby floor before smacking into the edge of the fountain. It's only seconds later that he's dunking his head into the water and then throwing his hair back, gasping for breath.]

Th-that was one hell of a thing...

[Opening his eyes after flinging water everywhere, Crow realizes he's crashed... into a posh hotel. In the middle of Satellite's Markered-sector. No. Way.]

...this is not Satellite. It might have been a minute ago but it sure as shit isn't now...

[He brushes off his front, his hand catching a name tag. Duanwu? He'd figure it out later. For now, he remained calm while looking around to see if maybe someone could tell him what was going on.]
14th-Mar-2012 10:04 pm(no subject)
sunlight dramatic serious
[ooc: OC WARNING! But surely you guys all remember Spider Yamazaki anyway, so...]

Damn it. [Working on D-Wheels is not something he's very good at but he's been working steadily since the afternoon and it's night. He's tired, cranky, and in need of a beer and a bed but until he gets this thing's engine to hum, he can't just give up...

Actually, yeah he can. He gets the NPCs at the track to help get his D-Wheel into the garage, thanking them for their patience before heading off down the hall toward the cafe. He was dying of thirst and more than a little hungry. Maybe he'd meet up with someone, maybe not. He didn't often get a chance to interact with others but it would be nice to talk for once.

Mah. I can't stay mad about it forever. She'll still be there to work on tomorrow. Time to get a drink.
14th-Mar-2012 08:55 pm(no subject)
[Wandering slowly through the lobby, looking more than a little tired, is Bluey, the Blue Eyes Toon Dragon nicknamed by Mokuba years back. He collapses by the fountain, drinking greedily from the water despite the gross coppery taste from the coins people have through into it.]

This totally sucks. I thought I would have tons more to do when I got home but I just got blown up and had to spend the rest of my time in a stupid old deck! No way. I'm glad I'm back here.
AW YEAH! TIME FOR THE VALENTINE'S DAY GALA! Man, that took WEEKS to set up! Good thing it's done in time! This place'll be hoppin' by the evening!

...still, can't help but wonder why there's so much St. Patrick's Day stuff lying around...

[Valentine obviously doesn't realize he's a month late. SOMEone forgot to flip their calendar page... and it's a shame, too, because really. Look at all the work he's put into decorating this auditorium.]
14th-Mar-2012 05:10 pm - After meeting Lethe
Dammit.... dammit...
[After meeting Lethe, the terrified and depressed Yuuma, Ganymede's been experiencing a very familiar kind of headache and, along with it, bad memories swirling in his head like bad oysters. He brings his cellphone to his mouth, whispering the nickname "Baklava" into it. Immediately, it dials. Hopefully, Kiryu has a cellphone at this point. If not, Ganymede's going to feel rather silly. He's not in his room (though by all means he should be), having been unable to calm down after returning from his chat with Lethe, so he's wandering the stretch of halls on the 64th floor, well away from other people... or so he thinks.]
14th-Mar-2012 08:23 am(no subject)
[[ooc: This guy is pretty episode 47 spoiler heavy, or at the very  least his AU is imagined up from said spoiler, so yeah. Feel free to scroll by him if you don't want to read in that far.]]

[Anyone who has met a Yuuma might be surprised to see one in a school uniform sitting by the fountain, acting distinctly not Yuuma-ish. He doesn't look awed or surprised by the change in his surroundings, instead he looks fearful and simply brings his knees closer to his chest, hugging them tightly.

With him sitting the way he is, it's no wonder that he hasn't noticed the nametag popping up on his shirt-"Hello, my name is Lethe."]

[[ooc: so yeah, Usagi and I decided that the nicknaming scheme for Yuumas and Astrals would be...what did we call it, "Personified Traits." BASICALLY ANYTHING THAT WAS GIVEN SOME KIND OF PHYSICAL REPRESENTATION OF EMOTION OKAY. I don't really remember the reasoning behind it, but it had something to do with Pandora's Box. Anyways, Yuumas would get the Greek names, and the Astrals would get the Roman ones, since most Yuumas would likely come hand in hand with an Astral anyway. Maybe. :V]]
12th-Mar-2012 01:57 pm(no subject)
EM Body Stardust
[Hey, if anybody ever meets Pleiades' Stardust companion, feel free to note how he's muttering about not being able to phase through solid objects like he normally does and interrupt him. Especially since he's dealing with suddenly having some kind of weight to deal with and no legs to carry it, so he looks like some rather distorted...snake dragon thing with the way he's attempting to slide across the floor with his arms and tail.
If they spot the spectral Pleiades next to him, be careful about mentioning that he's a ghost. He's very content to believe that the DR forced a state change onto him and that he's been turned into a Denpa being like Stardust. Read as, feel free to mention it because he's scared of ghosts and it would be hilarious.]
10th-Mar-2012 08:49 pm(no subject)
An Auriga with white eyes is walking through the walls without much apparent care in the world right now. Evidently he's decided that if he's 'dead', then there isn't much point in complaining about it.

However, he's liable to walk into someone's room like this, and that's really not polite at all.

Perhaps you can catch him in the hall instead.
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